Price Change: Park South Slope

Some people wonders around and look for a decent place to buy Condo. One of the consideration to purchase a condo, is the possibility of raise in price of Condo. As a condominium is considered as an asset, you would like to have a clear view of how much it worths in the future.

Price Estimate according to New York Times
Price estimate

According to New York Times, Real Estate data, the Price of Condo at Park South Slope has increased 39.7% over the 5 years. This means a 5 bedroom that sold for $833,485 (example) five years ago would go for $1.16 million today.

Why we have to buy the lowest price increase? because it’s possible to rise even higher in the future. If you buy a condo in NYC which has already increase 53.1% or in brooklyn which has increase 70.1% over the last 5 years, it’s going to be hard for them to keep on increasing for the next couple years.